Diabetes is medical condition that requires constant monitoring. This means that each diabetic patient should have a kit to use for testing their blood sugar. A lot of people buy or receive supplies of different test strip brands. Once a favorite test strip is chosen, the others are more likely to be abandoned. They are known to have short life spans; there are people who don't know about this fact who store them until such time when they can no longer be used. This means throwing them away in the trash when they could have been used earlier or be sold for some extra bucks.

Diabetic test strips are not cheap. That's why there are many people out there who can't afford to buy them. There are humanitarian organizations from quickcash4teststrips.com who help in providing the required supplies. You may choose to participate with their efforts. If you have boxes of diabetic test strips that have not been used and still unexpired, you can sell them for cash.

There are many reasons for diabetics to store boxes of diabetes test strips. One is that they may run low of supply anytime and they like to have some reserved boxes until they start to pile up. Some may have switched to a different brand or perhaps they may not be testing their blood sugar as often as before since it's no longer necessary. It may also be some excess supplies from a mother who used to test her blood sugar during pregnancy. It could also be from a loved one who just moved into a health facility that supplies all the test strips.

It's legal to sell the diabetes test strips for as long as they are owned by you. It doesn't require any prescription from a doctor as well. It may have labels like "mail order only" or "not for resale," it is still possible to sell them but they can't be sold through a retailer. To know more about diabetic strips, you may also watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMMpeLLgdgY.

You should bear in mind a couple of things when selling diabetes test strips. It's not all boxes that will be in demand. Boxes that are supplied by Medicare cannot be resold. No one should purchase boxes that have been unsealed, expired, or have broken seals. Boxes of a good variety and in good condition should have a minimum of six months before they expire.

Dealers often buy diabetic test strips but they use it for donations to charity. Visit http://www.quickcash4teststrips.com/faq/ if you have questions.