Are you well aware that you can get cash when you sell the diabetic test strips that you have not used or opened?

A lot of people suffering from diabetes that make use of diabetic test strips do not have the slightest of idea that they can have the extra boxes sold in exchange for cash. This is surely a great thing to do than just throwing them away because you can no longer use them, right? You may also read more at

There are a number of reasons why people with diabetes that use diabetic test strips are selling their extra boxes. While some are still new to the whole thing, some have already done so countless number of times in exchange for cash. A lot of people using these diabetic test strips get their supply from mail. And there are times where they will be given more than what they need. And so that leaves them with a lot of extra diabetic test strip boxes at home. Another reason why some people have sold them is that their testing requirements have changed. For instance, some may no longer need to test for diabetes as often as they need to. Another reason would be that their doctor has decided to let them use another brand of diabetic test strip. Lastly, there are some people that no longer need to make use of diabetic test strips anymore and they still have a lot of stash remaining. There are also some family members of persons with diabetes that sell their loved one's boxes because they have already died and will no longer have any use to them. Learn how to get paid for strips.

Now should you really sell your extra boxes of diabetic test strips?

When you sell your test strips, you benefit from the act by getting some cash in return. On the other hand, the person that you have sold your diabetic test strips will also be benefiting from it. Not only will they be able to test their sugar levels now but also they can get diabetic test strip boxes at much cheaper prices. When it comes to the extra diabetic testing strips of people suffering from diabetes, there are dealers out there who are interested of buying them and then selling them again. They are what you call diabetic test strip dealers. They buy your extra boxes and then sell them to people whom they know will use it and will be willing to buy it. This is a great deal for those who cannot afford paying diabetic test strips at a full price for various reasons.